Where Places To Visit Wonderful Kyoto Japan During Your Limited Time

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Kyoto Japan an Amazing Traditional Japanese Culture

Where Places To Visit Wonderful Kyoto Japan – For most everyone who have not visited Japan, Kyoto City represents as the Epitome of Traditional Japanese Culture.

Showing and Imaging of ancient temples also with imperial palaces, Amazing wooden houses, The Girl called “Geishas” who elegantly performing the tea ceremony and cherry blossom drifting in the wind come to mind. As you know in fact, although Kyoto Japan contains all these unique culture and more, it is also a sprawling as Modern City with a population of over 1.5 million.

Aoi matsuri festival in Kyoto Japan

Aoi matsuri festival in Kyoto Japan – Source : Flikr

For over Thousand years, from the late 8th century, Kyoto was Japan’s Capital city. It lies in a wide valley surrounded on three sides by hills, and was designed with the entrance to the south and the Imperial Palace to the north.


During the fourteenth century many great monuments and Zen temples were built but its was build very long time ago during the 16th and 17th centuries ,Then its also became the centre of Japanese artistic achievement. In all, Kyoto Japan is home to about 1,700 Buddhist temples, 300 Shinto shrines, and 200 important gardens as well as imperial villas.

Where Places To Visit Wonderful Kyoto Japan in Limited Time

If you have limited time durung your visit we suggest you to aim to visit for The Higashiyama district in Kyoto Japan.  This City has an amazing concentration of sights within a reasonably compact area. The Kiyomitzudera is a temple built on a steep hill with a wooden platform overhanging the valley, giving spectacular views over the gorge.

Where Places To Visit Wonderful Kyoto Japan - The Jidai Matsuri Festival

The Jidai Matsuri Festival Of The Ages In Kyoto, Japan – Source : Flikr

Walk through the old, cobbled lanes of Sannenzaka and Ninenzaka, with their traditional two-storey wooden townhouses known as machiya, and round to the temple of Kodaiji. Continue past more temples, pavilions, gardens and teahouses until you reach Ginkakuji, the Silver Pavilion. This simple, elegant two-storey pavilion is set in a spectacular garden of soft greens and a ‘sea of silver sand’ designed to reflect the moonlight.

What Is It Known For Wonderful Kyoto Japan

This City Being the epitome of traditional Japanese culture. And what Is To See When Traveling To Kyoto Japan you may try to reach The Imperial Palace, Gion quarter, Toji and Sanjusangendo, Or You Can Go To Visit Buddhist temples, and Shugakuin imperial villa. And Do Not Miss You aim to visit The Higashiyama district if you’re short on time.

Where Places To Visit Wonderful Kyoto Japan Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace – Source : Flikr