Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle Events Things To Do And History

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Things To Do And History of The Essential Cardiff Castle

Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle EventsCardiff Castel Located at the lowest crossing point of the River Taff, near the mouth of the Bristol Channel. Little is known about life in the area before the Roman invasion of 43AD. The local tribe was the Silures, who farmed the and and may have been descendants of a long-established pre-Celtic civilization. The Roman historian Tacitus describes them as having dark complexions and curly hair.

The forces of the invading Roman army soon reached what is now South East Wales UK By the end of the 40s, the area was coming increasingly under the influence of the Roman military, followed by a civilian administration.

Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle Events from the West side

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By 51AD, the stubborn resistance put up by the Silures had been gradually defeated. The key to successful Roman occupation involved a process of Romanisation which nevertheless retained elements of the local culture. In time, even the warlike Silures yielded to this policy, witnessing improved trade and communication as well as the efficient administrative and judicial system that the Romans Introduced.

Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle Events

The Roman fort at Cardiff was probably established at the end of the 50s, on a strategic site that afforded easy access to the sea. The sea was both a defence and a vital means of communication, and Cardiff could become a naval base it required.

Archaeological excavations made during the 1970s indicated: that this was only the first of four different forts, each a different size, that occupied the present site. The first fort, which was presumably Intended to subdue the population following the initial invasion, was the largest, extending to some 12 hectares. The second and third forts were smaller, being part of a system of garrisons rather than a frontier station.

Unlike the three earlier wooden versions, the final Roman fort, built in the fourth century, had walls of stone. This fourth fort was heavily defended, as by this time the Roman Empire was under attack.

Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle Events Things To Do And History

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Where Places To Visit During Cardiff Castle Events

Following the fall of the Roman Empire, the country became a series of small kingdoms and the Welsh identity began to take shape. Christianity pervaded Wales but on the whole the period is cloaked in obscurity. It seems likely that the Roman fort at Cardiff was virtually abandoned, but the settlement established outside its walls remained, eventually becoming The Modern City of Cardiff