Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford an Amazing 16th Century Museum House

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Historic Stratford with 16th Century Museum House

Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford – Located at Henley Street Stratford Upon-Avon, Warwickshire – England The Shakespeare Birthplace was founded in 1847 before restoration by public subscription on a wave of public concern for the future of the Birthplace.

Shakespeares family home is a fascinating building. Documentary evidence allows us to trace in detail who owned the house and who lived there, from the time of Williams parents, John and Mary Shakespeare, onwards.

Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford an Amazing 16th Century Museum House

Image By Rept0n1x – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5

Today the parlour, hall, workshop and bed chambers are furnished as they may have looked in 1574, when the house was full of children : William ten, Gilbert eight, Joan five, Anne three and baby Richard. Rare items of middle class 16th-century furniture are set in the context of carefully researched replica textiles and other domestic items, many of which are mentioned in Shakespeares plays.
Shakespeare’s Birth

The Shakespeares home doubled as a glovers shop for John at the eastern end of the building, with a barn and workshops in the backyard. Lime, alum, egg, dog excrement and urine were used to process the kid, lamb, dog and deer skins to make fine leather, John also sold his wares under the High Cross, one of two market crosses in the town.

Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford Feels Like on 17th Century History

About 20 years or so after the construction of the main house, a two-roomed cottage was added onto its western end. We know that Shakespeares sister Joan and her   husband William Hart, a hatter, lived there in the early 17th century, but It may have originally housed young MI, aged 18 and his new bride Anne, who was three months `with child with their daughter Susanna.

In 1601 William inherited the property from his father and it became an inn.

On his death in 1616 William Shakespeare left the property to his daughter Susanna Hall, His sister Joan Hart was allowed to live on in the small attached cottage for the rest of her life, for one shilling a year. After the death of his granddaughter, Elizabeth Barnard, the property passed to Joans descendants and family ownership continued until the late 18th century.
The house

Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford-Anne Hathaways Cottage and gardens

Image By Richard Peat – originally posted to Flickr as Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, CC BY-SA 2.0

Anne Hathaways Cottage was actually a farmhouse. In Annes girlhood it consisted of the lower half of the current building, next to the road. Visitors still enter the house through the original front doorway and into the cross-passage. To the right of the passage was a kitchen, and to the left, a hall that was open to the roof (the chimneys were inserted later).

Visit The Shakespeare Birthplace Stratford – About On Early 17th Century

Early in the 17th century when the premises were owned by Bartholomew Hathaway, Annes brother, a taller section was added to the house at the orchard end.

The house remained in the Hathaway family for several generations, through the descendants of Annes brother. The male line became extinct in 1746 on the death of John Hathaway.