Amazing Travel To Phang Nga Bay National Park At Phang Nga Bay Island Thailand

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See The James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Travel To Phang Nga Bay National ParkPhang Nga province located in south western of Thailand laid near on the Andaman Sea,This province contains a number of amazing and lovely places to visit, including the Similan Islands National Marine Park and the Surin Islands National Marine Park, as familiarly known both renowned for snorkelling , sport fishing and diving.

Amazing Travel To Phang Nga Bay National Park

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Khao Lak Lamru National Park boasts cliffs and forests, hills and beaches, all of which are teeming with wildlife. Trips to the islands are only viable during the winter months during the summer the sea is too rough.

Try To Explore Kayak At Phang Nga Bay Cave

The scenery in Phang Nga Bay Thailand is spectacular karst (limestone) formations and islands burst from t

he sea. This is where the James Bond film, The Man with the Golden Gun was made. Take a tour by boat and explore the bay for the day, or, even better, go on a two or three day camping trip.

If you take a kayak trip, you can explore the interior of some of the marvelous semi submerged caves such as the Drawing Cave, full of murals which are inaccessible to the larger boats. Another beautiful site is the Ko Panyi Muslim fishing village, built on stilts in a mangrove swamp.

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When Travel To Phang Nga Bay National Park You May Interest with Vegetarian Festival

Stay on an island or in Phang Nga Bay Thailand, a small town surrounded by forested limestone cliffs, and use this as a base from which to explore other places such as the inland cave at Wat Tham Suwankhuha, a shrine that is full of images of Buddha.

In October, the annual Vegetarian Festival a time of purification for the locals occurs and for nine days there are processions and performances ending in a wild frenzy, with mediums in a trance walking on burning coals and piercing their cheeks and tongues with daggers and spears.

When The Best Time To Visit Phang Nga Bay Thailand

During the winter months are best as this is when the sea is calmer.
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You Must Try to Take a “Kayak Trip at Phang Nga Bay” During Your Travel