Tings To Do in Cordoba Spain Using Cordoba Spain Map Guide

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Where Place To Visit in Cordoba Spain Europe The Second Largest Old Town

Tings To Do in Cordoba SpainCordoba Spain weather looking good almost all years , in the 10th century, this Andalucian gem was the largest city in Western Europe and, perhaps, in the world, as well as a great cultural, political and economic centre. The city came to prominence when the Moors entered Spain in 711.

By the middle of century, Cordoba was ruled by Abd Ar-Rahman, a charismatic leader who introduced an ambitious building programme which was to elevate Cordoba to the world stage.

Where Place To Visit in Cordoba Spain Europe The Second Largest Old Town1

Image By Ian Pitchford CC BY-SA 3.0

Abd Ar-Rahman’s greatest legacy was the Mezquita mosque, one of the most breathtaking examples of Muslim architecture in Spain. This cordoba spain mosque evolved over the following centuries and, after Cordoba Spain was retaken by the Christians, a cathedral was built inside. Then Mezquita has many beautiful features including hundreds of marble and stone columns, forming ranks of terracotta-and-white striped arches.

Another Tings To Do in Cordoba Spain You Can Explore

There is also a lavishly decorated mihrab , or sacred prayer niche, with its amazing mosaic arch and stone cupola. The Chapel de Villaviciosa, the first Christian shapel to be built after the recapture in 1371 in the Mudejar style, blends in harmoniously with the mosque. The chapel’s bell tower is on the site of the former minaret.

As a cordoba spain points of interest the Surronding of Mezquita is the medieval Jewish quarter, a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets, little whitewashed house and workshop with beautiful wrought-ironwork and tiny fountains with water splashing into basins of glazed tiles.

Tings To Do in Cordoba Spain Using Cordoba Spain Map Guide

Image By Toni Castillo Quero – Flickr: [1], CC BY-SA 2.0

Next Tings To Do in Cordoba Spain You May Need Also Visit The Cordoba Synagogue

The synagogue was built in the early 14th century in the Mudejar style, and is one of the very few remaining intact in Spain from that era. Inside are Mudejar stucco plant and star motifs and Hebrew inscriptions. Other sight in Cordoba Spain include the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, the fortified palace built for Alfonsi XI in the early 14th century.

It was enlarged for Fernando II, and the Catholic monarchs held court here during the campaign to recapture Granada from the Moors. The building was also used during the Inquisition and has served as a prison. Features of note include a royal bathhouse, Roman mosaic and a sarcophagus. The pretty terraced gardens contain numerous pools and fountains.

The Palacio de Viani is a Renaissance palace, the 17th-century home of the Viana family. Outside the formal gardens make a nice place to stroll, while inside are grand galleries, impressive staircases, rich furnishings, porcelain and silver to admire.