Tings To Do In Cambridge England A Popular UK Tourist Destination

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Popular Tourist Destination In Cambridge England

Tings To Do In Cambridge England – You need to check by realtime Combridge England Weather if you plan to visit to This old Roman City and Saxon settlement expanded under Viking rule from the 9th century, and William the Conqueror built a castle here in 1068, two years after arriving in England.

But, The fame of Cambridge England rests on its ancient university, founded in 1209. The oldest college that still exists, Peterhouse, was formed in 1280. Its hall, dating from 1286, is the oldest university building in Cambridge.

The centre of Cambridge icon Great St Mary’s Church

Cambridge Town Centre - The centre of Cambridge icon Great St Mary's Church

Image By Andrew Dunn – http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com/, CC BY-SA 2.0

The character of Cambridge England — a city that has spread far beyond its original boundaries — is still set by magnificent medieval college buildings, including the landmark Kings College Chapel, one of the finest Perpendicular religious structures in Britain (built between 1446 and 1515).

The historic university quarter is seen at its best from The Backs, a scenic section of the River Cant. Because Cambridge has a large number of churches and college chapels, but no cathedral. it did not attain city status until 1951.

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There are many good museums associated with the university, notably the Fitzwilliam in its grand neoclassical building, which has been described as the finest small museum in Europe. The universitys marvellous Botanic Garden has been open to the public since 1846 and displays over 8,000 plant species. Several colleges, including Christs, Emmanuel and Clare have peaceful gardens.

Thanks to the university, this city full of impressive old buildings is also one of the most forward-looking in Britain, with a cutting-edge presence in the technologies of the future that has earned the nickname Silicon Fen for the Cambridge area.
Photo From Cambridge University England

King’s College Chapel Photo seen from the Backs

Kings College Chapel West Cambridge England

Image By Andrew Dunn – http://www.andrewdunnphoto.com/, CC BY-SA 2.0

Approximately one fifth of the citys population consists of students which — together with its popularity as a tourist destination ­make Cambridge England a very busy place, where the traditional student bicycles are usually a much swifter form of transport than the car.

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Some people Familliar in July and August , the city will be full of tourists, but without some 20,000 students further complicating matters.
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  • Traditional punting on the River Cam, ideally along the Backs for a leisurely view of some splendid medieval architecture, A short trip out of town to the Imperial War Museums Duxford airfield, Europes premier aviation museum.Bump race on the River Cam.
Tings To Do In Cambridge England - Bump race on the River Cam

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  • The famous open space known as Parkers Piece, where the rules of soccer were first formulated in the 19th century. One of only four round churches in England Holy Sepulchre, built around 1130, probably inspired by Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.
  • Grantchester, the charming riverside village where Rupert Brooke politely enquired if there was honey still for tea ? its a nice walk out from the city to the famous Orchard Tea Garden.