Best Places To Visit Norwich City England One of Shoppers Paradise

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An Amazing Shoppers Paradise in Norwich England

Places To Visit Norwich City – Located on the River Wensum bills Norwich England itself as A one City, though An Ancient City would be equally appropriate. Norwich England was thriving when sacked by the Viking Sven Forkbeard in 1004.

It was a largest cities in England by the Norman Conquest if we despite to the setback . The Normans swiftly left their mark, building a cathedral on Tombland /the old Saxon market place, erecting a castle and establishing their own marketplace.

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Best Time Exploring Places To Visit Norwich City

Best On September.. When the four-day Heritage Open Day programme sees a huge number of interesting properties opened for viewing.

Although Norwich England has spread far beyond its original boundaries, those were impressive in their time medieval walls /large sections survive enclosed an area larger than the City of London.

Wool brought wealth, allowing construction of many fine churches ­Norwich has more medieval churches than anywhere in Western Europe north of the Alps. The wool trade also saw an influx of Walloons and Huguenots, remembered at the aptly named Strangers Hall, one of their first bases.

Bandstand Chapelfield Gardens – Norwich


Places To Visit Norwich Bandstand Chapelfield gardens
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The Industrial Revolution passed Norwich England by, thanks to its remote East Anglian location. The centre was damaged by bombing in World War II but retains much of its former character. The castle is a dominant feature, and has been a museum since 1895.

The cathedral, begun in the 11th century, dominates the city skyline ­its spire is the second-tallest in England, after Salisbury. It also has Englands only two-storey cloister and a thousand wonderful roof bosses. Many medieval buildings remain in the city centre, where exploration will reveal all sorts of quaint nooks and corners like the atmospheric Elm Hill or Cathedral Close.

Norwich really comes into its own as a shoppers paradise, with two major malls (The Castle Mall and Chapelfields) plus the bustling Lanes area or the elegant.
Places To Visit Norwich City England

  • The Riverside Walk along the River Wensum, or even a boat trip to see the same sights.
  • Norwich City Hall on the market Square love it or loathe it, youll never see a better example of 1930s architecture. Places To Visit Norwich City HallSource : Flikr


  • The Forum, a striking modem building that replaced the old library, which burnt down in 1994 if you go in winter, youll find a small ice rink outside.
  • Dragon Hall, a beautifully restored medieval trading hall, said to be unique in England.
  • The Norman Foster-designed Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on the university campus, with its permanent collection and changing exhibitions in the underground gallery.
  • The Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist Englands second? largest Catholic cathedral and a delicious feast of Victorian architecture.

Another Places To Visit Norwich City You Should Know

The famous Norwich Canary was brought by Flemish refugees in the 1500s and bred intensively – now Norwich City Football Clubs nickname is “The Canaries