Top 5 Malaysia Most Favorite Places To Visit

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Top 5 The Most Favorite Places in Malaysia You Must Try To Visit

Malaysia Most Favorite Places To Visit – The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, and Putrajaya is the center of government alliance. Malaysians recognize some holidays as well as annual celebrations. Some public holidays announced and enforced by the federal the state government enforces government as well as some others.

Other parties are usually held by certain ethnic or religious groups but are not considered holidays. Here are top 5 the most favorite places in Malaysia:

Top 5 Malaysia Most Favorite Places To Visit Petronas Tower

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1.    Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is a cultural center of Malaysia and also the first top 5 the most favorite places in Malaysia. In this city, there is a Petronas Twin Towers. With 88 floors, this building is the tallest twin building in the world and is also a vision of modern architecture.

Top 5 Malaysia Most Favorite Places To Visit Petronas

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On the other side of the city stands Sri Mahamariamman, which is the oldest Hindu temple in Malaysia. On the front is decorated with colorfully carved towers. Shopping at Central Market will be a fun experience and involve bargaining, handicrafts.

2.    Johor Baru
Johor Bahru is the second largest city in Malaysia that become the top 5 the most favorite places in Malaysia. In 2012 opened two large amusement parks, the city is always ready to be a major destination for tourists who visit. Many travelers recommended the Sri RajakaliammanArulmabi Glass Temple tour, a unique Hindu temple and decorated with an exquisite glass mosaic.

3.    Georgetown
The rich of history and beauty of Georgetown has made a lot of tourists visiting the city throughout the year. Georgetown features spectacular views of the Cheong Fatt Tze House, the Kapitan Kling Mosque, and there are also many golden Buddhist temples. Many museum jugs feature historical heritage of the country, restaurants with classic Malaysian cuisine, and available dozens of shopping centers; all tourists are guaranteed to enjoy a holiday in this city.

4.    Kinabalu
The next top 5 the most favorite places in Malaysiais Kota Kinabalu which are located on the island of Borneo is a bustling gateway to the famous National Park Kinabalu.

The highest place in this park is Mount Kinabalu with an altitude of 13,400 feet, which is also the highest peak in Malaysia and included in the most unusual tourist attraction for those who like to climb mountains. Around ninety miles from here, there is a very challenging wilderness for camping in the wilderness that awaits you in Crocker Range National Park.

5.    Kuching
The last top 5 the most favorite places in Malaysia is Kuching. Kuching is an excellent choice for holidays and can add complete knowledge and also fun. Various types of museums and the planetarium are amazing in this city can make tourists of all ages will be amazed.

You can visit Kuching Civic Center in order to see the incredible scenery that is in the whole town. You can also enjoy a variety of snacks at the bustling stall on the beach, and also do not miss a big market on Sundays that can give you an exciting experience for buyers, sellers, and observers.