Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places To Visit

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The Best Places To Visit in Indonesia You Should Know

Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places – Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. With the number of islands reaching the number of 13 thousand, Indonesia has many unique, beautiful and amazing tourist attractions.

Some places like Bali have become the world’s tourist subscribers to enjoy a tropical holiday. Due to many tourist attractions in Indonesia, we will try to summarize Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places that are often visited by the tourists.

Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places To Visit Raja Ampat

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1. Raja Ampat
The first of top 7 the most favorite places in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is the dream destination of almost all traveling fans in Indonesia. The islands of West Papua have a magical power that makes many people fall in love. There is no reason for us not to crave this place as a dream destination. Although we know the budget to get there is also not cheap. Island clusters with a fascinating view; as well as an underwater world that has a variety of biota is what we will get in Raja Ampat.

2.    Bali
There is no reason not to include Bali in the list of The Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places. This island is the largest tourist asset in Indonesia. On several occasions, the Island of the Gods is often included in the list of the most beautiful islands in the world by traveling magazines and online media.

Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places To Visit Bali Island

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Even often occupy the top sequence. Bali is an entire island. It does not only have beautiful beaches but also mountainous areas that provide a soothing green eye. Bali is a world-class tourist destination. As an island, Bali is an ideal place for a vacation. The more explored, the more we will know that Bali is indeed anexclusive island

Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places To Visit

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3.    Lombok
Moving east from Bali we will find another island that is not less beautiful: Lombok. Lombok is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, which is also become the top 7 the most favorite places in Indonesia. Lombok can be reached for 4 hours via sea from Bali through Padang Bai port. Lombok has beaches that are not less beautiful with Bali. Compared to Bali, the beaches in Lombok are much quieter, so we will feel the real holiday atmosphere.

Next Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places are

4.    Komodo National Park
The next top 7 the most favorite places in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park is a place where you can see giant ancient lizards living wildly in their natural habitat. The rare animals live on the island of Komodo and several other islands that enter the area of Komodo National Park. UNESCO has also designated this national park itself as a World Heritage Site.

5.    Baluran National Park
There is a place in East Java that become as Africa in East Java. The place is SavanaBekol located in Baluran National Park area. SavanaBekol is a vast pasture where wild animals such as bulls, deer, wild cows and wild buffalo will show up in the morning and evening. With the background of Mount Baluran, this place at first glance is similar to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.

6.    Wakatobi
The island of Sulawesi is the best place for the fans of marine tourism, especially diving lovers. In addition to Bunaken, another location in Sulawesi, which is an attractive destination for diving, is Wakatobi National Park located in Southeast Sulawesi with an area of 13,900 km2. Wakatobi is a home to about 112 species of coral reefs. Making it one of the best dive sites in Indonesia

7.    Bunaken National Park
The Last But Not Least Indonesian Top 7 Most Favorite Places is Bunaken. This Place is one of the reasons why people come to North Sulawesi. This national park is one of the best places in Indonesia to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Its location is in the World Coral Triangle and is home to more than 390 species of coral reefs. The clear sea water will welcome your arrival in Bunaken.