Best Of Torre Annunziata Italy Amazing Modern Seaport And Beach

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Nice Place Torre Annunziata Beach in A Modern Seaport at Italy

Best Of Torre Annunziata Italy – As a Commune with modern seaport in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius, between Herculaneum and Pompeii. In 1842 the remains of three buildings were discovered and identified from a 13th century map of Roman roads as the hamlet of Oplontis. This is the name sometimes given to the third and smallest of the amazing excavations of the ruins caused by the volcanic eruption of 79 AD.

The discovery inside Torre Annunziata Italy included a bath house, a rustic villa crowded with victims of the eruption , and possibly the greatest of all the finds associated with the Pompeii area. This is a huge residential villa, now fully excavated and partly restored, that was part of the Imperial familys estates. It is believed to have belonged to Poppaea Sabina, the slave mistress of the Emperor Nero, who became his second wife, so the house is often called the Villa Poppaea.

Best Of Torre Annunziata Italy

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The villa has three principal sections, the owners domain, the servants quarters, and a production area that managed the estate, doing everything necessary for the upkeep of both a great house and a farm. It offers a first-class insight into the lives of elite Romans. The long colonnaded walks, the trompe loeil and perspective in the frescoes and the internal courtyard decorated with landscapes all reeks of luxury and excess. What a place it must have been…

Panorama dal Palazzo delle Catene In Best Of Torre Annunziata Italy

Even the villas demise under a hail of pumice and ash clouds has contributed to the feeling you can see an exquisite little bird, petrified while pecking at a fallen fig. At any rate, the Villa Poppaea has a beauty and grandeur unequalled elsewhere in the Pompeii complex.

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