9 Amazing Dubai Now and Then You Will Love To Know

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Where Place To Stay in Dubai if You Want To Reach This All..!!!

Dubai Now and Then – Dubai is no doubt the luxury capital of the world for good reasons which is a picasa tea with extreme opulence and stricter laws. Here it’s really weird to see what you’ll find in the city from exotic pets to a parade of supercars

We Count the 9 Amazing Dubai Now and Then You Will Love To Know

  1. Burj Khalifa Dubai – The tallest building in the world standing at 828 meters roof height. Located at 1st Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, Burj Khalifa that also known as Burj Dubai was recorded as talles building in the world.

  2. Exotic Animals in Dubai they are so many rich people and to be seen with the celebrity just plain bored so they just got themselves the player of owning some exotic animals this is the Dubai version of getting spotted with a celebrity even though the government have band of keeping such an exotic animals expects but they are hardly any effects of that.

  3. Dubai Aquarium and Under Water Zoo is a larger under water close to the sea suspended aquarium in the world while your family enjoys the memorable shopping experience you can jump in the tank with some of the sea creatures adding the new experience to the trip and if you want life namely under what experience then the atlantis hotel is just the place for you the underwater room takes the ocean right to your room.
  4. Exotic Dubai Police Cars with the paw supercars taking the streets of Dubai. How do you keep them from speeding through one of the pieces tourist destinations to tackle with speeding situations. The police department have their own fleet of supercars they have mclaren ferrari of embargo new editor and with the price tag of over million dollars a bugatti veyron.
  5. Abandoned Supercars Dubai – is known for their crazy motor supercars data on the streets maybe the series looming as for the business and infrastructure but there are some who had to part with their lovely cars. There are many supercars in the parking lot of the bag. It’s only phase where you’ll find so many supercars left alone however it’s the dream cars of many people.
  6. Dubai Now and Then in Anothe Amazing Place – The Sharks light the water slide that catapults you into a clear cube through a shark filled Lagoon the 100 foot high Mesopotamian style ziggurat temple have a slide which lets you drop into a tank full of sharks through a clear tube we you can feel the deadly creatures hang on you even though your senses may freak out of this but you are totally saved.
  7. The Indoor Ski Resort in the Mall of Emirates Dubai is the first indoor ski resorts to open in Middle East with the temperature of minus 4 degrees this snow pack offers various activities for different kind of a trips to end the beautiful experience they even have the real life penguins which makes experience even more mesmerizing

  8. Supercars Traffic in Dubai – with so many supercars making the streets order by their home you’re bound to spot some of them while visiting to buy the owner of the supercars meet on a regular basis and when they take on the streets then sometimes they create traffic jam which is a dream for car enthusiasts
  9. Gold ATM in Dubai – when in need of some cash a team is one of the easiest ways to fill our pockets but in Dubai their needs a bit different the gold idiom of his customers 320 items choose from ranging from gold bars that can weigh up to 10 grams to customize gold coins. The demand is so strong that they have to fill the machine twice/day.