Check Out This 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI Now

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Dubai is Amazing City That Every Traveler Guys Will Love To Visit

7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI – Dubai as one of the most luxurious cities in the United Arab Emirates is very famous for its ultra-modern architecture. There are some recommendations of top 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI and popular to visit in order to add exciting and unforgettable experience.

Here are the most interesting tourist attractions in Dubai with all kinds of entertainment and knowledge that will satisfy you while in Dubai.

1.    Burj Khalifa
The buildings or attractions are also included in the list of most amazing sights in Dubai. Built by a great architect of genius, it is now the tallest building in the world. Interestingly, this tower was built in the middle of the desert which is certainly not easy because the wind can hamper the construction process.

Burj Khalifa 7 Most Favorite Places In Dubai

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The most appropriate spot and most targeted by the tourists is the peak where it is where people can enjoy the incredible view of the city of Dubai. To get to the top, tourists can start from the bottom floor which we know with Dubai Mall, and in the journey, there will be multimedia presentations that can be watched and enjoyed by visitors to Dubai and its history, and not to forget about Burj Khalifa itself.

2.    The Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain is the next top 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI. This tourism object became one of the favorite tourist attractions of the world’s tourists. With an area of 30 hectares, do not be surprised if the fountain is then known as the largest dancing fountain in the world is designed with a position just above the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai Fontain Show The Favorite Places To Visit

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The water that was launched by the fountain is 500 feet high, and it can be synonymous with a 50-story building let alone its length also built 900 feet plus two shower centers and five circles of various sizes.

3.    Miracle Graden
One more tourist attraction in Dubai that should be included in your list of destinations because this one flower garden can be a great place for photographs and attractions suitable for young people. Indeed for people who are particularly in tropical climates are familiar with flower gardens like these, but look at their uniqueness. Dubai is famous for the desert in fact managed to build a flower garden with a diverse color. That’s why it becomes one of the top 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI.

4.    Dubai Mall
The largest place for shopping in Dubai and is worth a visit is Dubai Mall, which is the next top 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI . As one of the largest mall in the world, of course, this place is a paradise for tourists who like shopping. Inside this mall, the most popular boutiques in the world exist to serve your desires.

5.    Palm Island
The next top 7 the most favorite places in Dubai is Palm Island. Palm Island is another interesting and charming tourist attraction in Dubai. The reason why these attractions are so unique is that Palm Island is known as an artificial island containing many attractive tourist spots; famous hotels, shopping malls and luxury fashion that will make the visitors automatically feel pampered.

Another Amazing of The 7 Most Favorite Places in DUBAI

6.    Burj Al Arab
Actually, this tourist spot is a lodging or a 7-star hotel designed with a height of 321 meters and has similarities with the wavy screen. Other skyscraper buildings are dominated, and the high defeat of this hotel building makes it the 4th highest ranked hotel in the world.

Burj Al Arab Dubai 7 Most Favorite Places

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7.    Ski Dubai
When we hear of a country, the United Arab Emirates, especially the city of Dubai, perhaps the one in the imagination of most people is the endless desert plus the sun. It is true that Dubai has a desert that surrounds it and the weather there is very hot during the day, but that does not mean tourists can’t go for skiing. The first indoor ski resort built and inaugurated in the Middle East is actually the Ski Dubai.